How to set/complete your profile

How to set/complete your profile

Please Click your account no. on the right corner, then access the "My Account"


How to set and modify account information

Click Account Settings,then you can set or modify your name, email address,password and so on. Write the information then click save, it will be set successfully.


How to set/ change the Shipping address

1. Click "Manage Address Book", you can add the address, revise the address information, set the default address,delete the address and so on (the below information just for show, it's not the true information, when you write these, please write the correct information, otherwise it will affect your receive)
2. Click "
Add a New Address"
, fill your information correctly, a new address will be added

(1) Click "Edit", you can change your address information


(2) Choose the address which you want to be the default address, put the mouse on it, on the right corner you can see the "Edit", drop down to click the "Default" button, it will be done.

(3)If you want tho delete one address, put the mouse to the address, on the right corner, you see the Edit and drop down to click "Delete".

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